Located in Central America, bordered by Mexico to the north, and Guatemala to the west and south, and flanked by the Caribbean Sea to the east. Belize’s size is approximately the size of Massachusetts, with a population of 200,000. Belize is a member of the British commonwealth of nations, it has a parliamentary government and has laws based on British common law. English is the official language however, Spanish and Creole are widely spoken. Belize is on Central Standard Time and daylight savings time is not observed, no jet lag traveling here. The climate is subtropical with average coastal temperatures of 84 f and 78 f in the mountains. The driest months are January through March, with rains usually falling sporadically in the late afternoon from April to November.

The local currency is the Belizean Dollar, which is pegged to the our dollar at an exchange rate of two Belizean dollars for every one U.S. dollar. U.S. Dollars widely accepted, with change being given in Belizean dollars. The Electric Current used is 110 Volts AC, which is the same as in the U.S. International travelers must have a Valid passport in order to enter the country.

Belize has a very casual life style. Leave your expensive jewelry at home, because you will not need it. The dress code for the beach is basic and relaxed; Shorts, T- shirts, bathing suits, sandals, cap or hat to protect you from the tropical sun, and sunglasses. For travel into the interior of the Country we suggest: Loose fitting, light weight pants or shorts, cotton shirts, hiking shoes or boots, and a hat with wide brim. A back pack to carry binoculars, cameras, sun tan lotion, film, insect repellent, hand towel, water bottle and snacks is recommended.

  Comfortably nestled on the Caribbean Sea, these luxurious Belize beach resorts provide the ultimate beachfront accommodations. It is a tropical paradise with an incomparable location to the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Robert´s Grove in the Placencia … Continue reading