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This small country is broken into several regions based on its different climates and varying vegetation. The northern region of the country, travelers will experience the incredible jungle and cloud forests. Because of the lush forests of pine, mahogany, and cedar, this area is great for the growing industry known as eco-tourism. Visitors can go on any of various treks and hikes through the cloud forest as well as partake in the tours such as the cigar tour.

Another of Nicaragua’s impressive regions is the location of many of Nicaragua’s volcanoes, lagoons, and some of the country’s most significant towns. This region is known as the central pacific region and is made up of the area south of the border of Honduras. Here you find such historic cities as León, where you can see the impressive colonial architecture, visit the surrounding volcanoes, and even take a trip to the local rum distillery. Granada is yet another historic city in this region and offers visitors the opportunity to take in a great amount of history with various tours of the antique structures and buildings.

The Caribbean region is also a popular spot for tourists and is home to Bluefields and the Corn Islands. Bluefields is a laid back town that has not yes exploded with tourism. This allows visitors the get more a better taste of the local culture. The Corn Islands also offer visitors a relaxing stop with its beautiful beaches and clear water. Be sure to partake in the snorkeling in the Caribbean regions as there are many different coral formations to be seen.

A beach vacation along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua is a great option! Among the activities and tours to choose from, there’s hiking, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, fishing and wildlife viewing. Not to mention the unique scenery provided by its many volcanoes and lakes…that’s what Nicaragua is better known for!

San Juan region includes the area where the San Juan River flows from Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean Sea. This area is packed full of natural beauty and various protected reserves. This region is completely made up of tropical rainforest and is home to very rich biodiversity.

Since the best locations are located in close proximity, in just a few days you’ll see the highlights, making it perfect to combine with other Central America travel destinations.

Immerse yourself in Nicaragua’s unique flora and fauna. Visit Selva Negra Ecolodge, located on the cloud rainforest, where you can enjoy hiking, the organic farm, and the bird-friendly coffee estate. Experience the Jicaro Island Ecolodge an upscale nature resort located … Continue reading