I just returned from a property and destination inspection of Fort Davis and the Davis Mountains in West Texas. Being from Texas I was embarrassed to say that I had never been to this area of our great state. The Davis … Continue reading

Great prices after April 1st in Isla Muejeres. Beautiful property! $108.75 per night. Email me or give me a call for more information

According to Brides Magazine the top 3 destinations for honeymooners are: 1. Italy, 2. French Polynesia, 3. Maui The runners-up were: Greece, Mexico,Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica and Australia! I prefer a Latin Flavor but Australia is awesome as well if you have … Continue reading

With luggage fees getting higher and luggage requirements getting smaller, being a smart packer is not only saving your arms but your wallet! Here are my favorite packing tips: Check with your airline to see exactly what you can take … Continue reading

In this age of technology and easy online booking engines why would I want to use a travel specialist? Well let me give you some of my favorite reasons why you should NOT! 1.      The time it takes to do … Continue reading

  Apparently we are unhappy with the hotels in the US. In a survey done by J.D.Powers and Associates in June, our satisfaction level has dropped. Overall we were unhappy with the check-in and checkout process, food, and facilities such … Continue reading

In this technologically advanced world that we live in with social media now allowing us to make friends all over the world, I was surprised by a client comment today. So I would like to get your opinion. I interacted … Continue reading

Welcome to the Journeys Unique Blog. This is my first attempt at blogging but I decided I better get on the social media bandwagon! I am excited to offer any experience I have and antidotes about travel experience that come … Continue reading