Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

I highly recommend travel insurance to protect your investment!

Many travel products are non-refundable: the best airline and cruise deals usually come with few options if you can’t actually make the trip.  Travel insurance is the way to protect your travel investment. Travel Insurance provides the following coverage’s to protect you before you take you trip as well as while you are on your trip! You may purchase your insurance online at the link provided or call me and I will purchase it for you.

Possession Loss

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: leave your valuables at home! But sometimes, an expensive camera or formal suit needed on the trip becomes lost or stolen. Your homeowner’s policy may cover only a portion of the total.

Common Carrier
Bankruptcy Protection

What if your airline recently ceased operations? Many airlines will try to find space available, but what happens if they can’t meet your needs, and the original airline cannot refund the cost of your tickets?

Terrorist Incidents

September 11 has taught us that anything could happen to disrupt travel. If your planned holiday is disrupted by an unforeseen terrorist incident, travel insurance helps minimize the financial loss that you may incur.

Medical/Dental Coverage

Does your health insurance cover you in another country or continent? Some offer only partial coverage that could leave you liable for a big portion of the bill. Along with medical and dental benefits, transportation home is covered.

Trip Interruption/Cancellation

Unforseen events beyond our control can influence travel plans. Do you want to protect your pre-paid trip costs for an interrupted or canceled trip?

Rental Vehicle Coverage

Local rental contracts may have very high rates for collision or damage to the rental vehicle.

You may purchase your insurance online by clicking on the image below or call me and I will purchase it for you.