How to be a Packing Princess (or Prince).

With luggage fees getting higher and luggage requirements getting smaller, being a smart packer is not only saving your arms but your wallet! Here are my favorite packing tips:

  1. Check with your airline to see exactly what you can take and how much it will cost you! Don’t wait until you get to the airport to freak out when they tell you are overweight, oversized (your luggage not you 🙂 and you are carrying to many suitcases.
  2. Buy a travel wardrobe that is lightweight fabrics that are quick to dry and things that you can layer if necessary. I especially like the knits tops because they don’t wrinkle as bad. Tank tops and a simple black cardigan is good for layering.
  3. Take only the clothes that you love and you know you will wear over and over. Remember in most cases you won’t be in any one spot for more than 3 days so in the next destination no one will have seen your outfits before.
  4. Pack travel-sized toiletries whenever possible to minimise baggage weight and maximise space. Leave expensive jewelry at home.
  5. Pants – Take a pair of jeans (this is what I wear on the plane), a pair of black pants and a pair of khaki. Take a black skirt or dress and a neutral color pashmina ( I like black).
  6. Shoes – I take 3 pair, usually a pair of walking/ hiking shoes, a pair of sandals and a pair of dress shoes. I generally wear my heaviest shoes and pack the rest but this will make it a bit more difficult at security so be prepared. If you are really savy you can combine the sandals and dress shoes as one pair. If you are traveling internationally, leave the old tennis shoes at home. They are a dead giveaway that you’re an American.
  7. Tops – Take the number of days that you’ll be traveling and divide by 2. THis is how many tops you will need.
  8. I bought an Ameribag 5 years ago and it is the best travel bag ever. It doubles as a backpack and holds tons of stuff. Since it hangs across your body you won’t forget it and it makes it difficult to steal. You can get them online, just Google. They are available in fabrics and leather.

Earth Collection DNA Medium

  1. Travel essentials are a neck pillow (blow up takes up less space), eye mask, ear plugs, and Melatonin ( a natural sleep aid, 3mg but check with your doctor first),
  2. A fold up rain jacket, small umbrella and a UV protection sunhat are helpful in most climates.
  3. Don’t’ carry home all of the hotel soap, shampoos and conditioners. They are there to use, not weigh your luggage down on the way home.
  4. Packing cubes and compression bags are great. They allow you to pack more in a smaller space.
  5. Once you pack go back and take 1/3 of it out because you have probably over packed.
  6. If you can’t carry your suitcase by yourself, it’s too big or it’s over stuffed.

With all these great packing tips, I still overpack but I am getting better. Practice makes perfect, so I’m off to another destination in September!

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