Just returned from a destination and property inspection at Fort Davis Texas

I just returned from a property and destination inspection of Fort Davis and the Davis Mountains in West Texas. Being from Texas I was embarrassed to say that I had never been to this area of our great state. The Davis Mountains are in an arid and desert like location. Hoteliers tell me that the best time to visit is actually September and October ( their rainy season is May and June),  because things are still green and blooming after their rainy season but it is not as hot and the tourist traffic has died down a bit.

Our first stop was Fort Davis and we stayed at La Limpia Hotel. We actually stayed in the Annex part of the hotel which h was equipped with a suite type room, complete with kitchenette.  The hotel itself is beautiful as it is a historic property and has a lot of lovely areas to rest and relax. They have a sitting area complete with a roaring fireplace and a sunroom equipped with small tables where games are available for your entertainment (old style board games, not video games :). There is a pool, garden courtyard and a great bar and restaurant. The restaurant boasts that it is the only bar in the area and that seemed to be true, it is a very nice bar and the restaurant gourmet quality with prices that reflect it.. I found that a bit odd in this location but a nice surprise.

Fort Davis Park is a National Park and was a pleasant visit. The remnants of the old fort is there along with a later encampment as well. The park service has revitalized it and added furnishings to the buildings so that you can see how things were done in the time. The Hospital building was very interesting.

We also stayed in the Davis Mountains at Indian Lodge. This was built by the CCC  70 years ago and has been restored. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It retains its historic rustic look but with the comforts you need and expect. There are 2 sections, the historic section which is a 2 story building and the newer section which is one story. We stayed in the honeymoon suite and it was nice but a bit noisy. You could hear the people in the room below. Not sure if it was through the fireplace (not operable) or just from their patio but conversations were loud. I was able to get a peek at the newer section and quite honestly you really can tell the difference in appearance. I guess it’s just the idea that the main building is actually historic. My advice…stay in the one story section, ask for the room at the end of the buildings.

The restaurant here had the best breakfast I have had in a long time for the price $9.99 per son buffet. They had an egg and veggie frittata that was out of this world and cobbler every morning (my kind of breakfast, dessert!)

The Davis Mountains are great for those who love to hike and the views from Skyline drive are amazing. Kids and families will love the hiking and the opportunity to get into the wild.

My favorite activity was the MacDonald Observatory, located about 20 minutes from Indian Lodge. Operated by The University of Texas (Hook’Em Horns), it is a fantastic way to see stars, planets and constellations. Book a Star Party reservations for sure! You arrive about 9:00 pm and after a brief rundown of the sky with an informative and entertaining commentator, you will get to see the galaxy through some amazing telescopes My favorite was the star cluster M35 which doesn’t sound like much but WOW! Of course everyone’s favorite was Saturn (it really does have rings!).

I recommend a stay of 2-3 nights and this destination would be ideal for those who love Texas history, families with active children and people who like to hike.



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