Travel Agent : Local or Long Distance?

In this technologically advanced world that we live in with social media now allowing us to make friends all over the world, I was surprised by a client comment today. So I would like to get your opinion. I interacted with a client looking for a cruise that I just happen to have access to a group on. This would allow this traveler not only to get a great rate ($1000 off per person) but also get an added $150 per person ship board credit and chocolate covered strawberries in their room. I sent the gentleman an email outlining who I am and what I do as well as the great deal that I could get him on the cruise.

The email I got back was short and sweet saying that he preferred to work with a local agent (In Seattle).

I have clients all over the US so I was a little taken aback by this. I feel like I take great strides to make all of my clients happy and provide terrific and hands on customer service.

How do you feel about working with someone long distance or do you prefer a local agent??



Cheryl Cantilli

Travel Specialist / Owner

Journeys Unique Travel

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