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Travel FAQ's


1. Do you book anything other than cruises?

 Definitely YES! We can book an escorted trip, customize an independent trip, find a special interest vacation for you such as a wine and food journey, a family vacation, a religious journey, even honeymoons and wedding trips. If you are looking for a nature trek or adventure hike, let us help you find a great journey!

We can even help you plan that perfect Honeymoon, Vow Renewal, or Destination Wedding! Ask about a cruise wedding!  

2. Do you book airline tickets?


If you have purchased an international trip, we will make sure to get your airline tickets as part of the deal or shop the consolidators to find you the best price. Often time for domestic airfare we can shop on to find a good deal.

3. I usually book cruises myself online, can you get me a better deal?


Often times, as a travel agent, I can get special discounts or offers that you can not. Sometimes the price you find online is the same price as I can get for you, however I can save you time by doing it for you. I keep all of your past guest numbers and frequent flyer numbers so that I can research your best deal. Letting me book your cruise will not cost you any more than booking  yourself, will save you time, helps to make sure you don’t miss any details, can get you special prices and amenities and it helps me to grow my business.

4. Doesn’t it cost me more to book through a travel agent?


Absolutely Not!!! The various travel companies pay commission based on our sales with them. This does not affect the customer in any way. Because we belong to various buying groups we can get you savings based on our sales volume. That is another reason it is important to let your preferred agent book all of your travel needs for you! In the long run you will help her get you better pricing!

5. Should I purchase Travel Insurance?


Journeys Unique does encourage you to purchase travel insurance for several reasons, 1) Medical coverage is necessary if you are traveling internationally because most Group Insurance plans do not cover you outside the US (including Medicare). 2) Travel Insurance will cover you if you, your spouse, traveling companion, parents, children etc get sick or injured and you have to cancel or postpone your trip. 3) There is also coverage that you can purchase that protects your trip investment if you have to cancel or delay for work reasons, or you just change your mind. 4) You are protected and reimbursed for expenses that occur if you are delayed, miss a connection, loss of baggage, etc. etc. etc.

6. Should I purchase the Rental Car Coverage when I rent a car?


Journeys Unique does recommend purchasing the extra rental car coverage. We had a client that had an accident in a rental car in Cairns Australia and was charged over $2000 because they did not purchase the extra coverage. In some instances the rental car company is able to charge not only the damage fees but the down time that the car is not in a rentable condition. When in doubt check with your car insurance company. If you have American Express be sure and check with them on the coverage that they provide.        

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7. Do you recommend traveler’s checks or getting money converted?


In most cases, what I recommend is waiting until you land in the country that you are visiting and going to the ATM in the airport to get local currency. You will get the best currency rate and will not incur additional fees. We have found that trading in local currency gets you better pricing, and you will not incur any trouble using local currency as you may with travelers checks and sometimes even credit cards. Most large stores, hotels, and restaurants will take your credit card but small shops or markets may not.

8. Do I need a passport?


Journeys Unique recommends everyone have a passport to travel. If you have one then you are not limited in your travel opportunities! They also make great gifts for graduation! See the following link for important information regarding passport requirements:

You may also check the website below for passport forms:

9. How can check the current currency exchange rates?


Check this website for your conversion rates: